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Financial Solutions

Financial solutions... for business and life

When business owners want financial advice, they find Michael Urso.

When people want help in planning fuller lives after 50, they start by meeting with Michael.

A trusted advisor and great communicator, Michael simplifies complex financial matters and gives businesses and individuals new ideas for profit, tax savings and personal prosperity.

Michael is himself a business owner, and he understands the pressures and priorities owner-operators face, as well as the interrelation between business and family life.

He helps business owners determine a timeline and actionable steps so they can progress toward their desired outcome, and he also helps supply methods to defer and reduce taxes and manage the proceeds of sale and their investments.

He also helps executives and other high net worth individuals (including those already retired) develop income and risk management strategies, and explore estate planning.

In short, Michael is just the right advisor at the right time for business owners and other individuals who want consultation about their financial options for the future.

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